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Here is one of Pat Bell’s
Hand-painted porcelain
ornaments.  We will have all the
Goat breeds as well as Alpaca,
Rabbit & Angora for the fiber fans. About 3.5″ with the hanger. VERY limited quantities. #XOPB1 $23
To see all designs, click here.

The very last of Pat Williamson’s sheep angels. All the Goat angels are gone.
Each is unique and endearing. 
Angels are 10″ to 11″ tall.
Specify which you want &
email me with requests.
#XPWA $30

This beautiful flag is the work of Susan Selvage
It is about 30″ square with a very generous
channel at the top for hanging.
The goats have outlined details that do not show
up in the scan. The star is gold lame’.

XSSF1 $30

300 Corncrib Valley Lane, Greeneville, TN 37745