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Jewelry has always been an important part of a woman’s life.
From the very practical standpoint of being a personal  savings      account, providing a few meals during lean times to a statement of who she is & what she believes.  Jewelry has been practical,         empowering, healing and just plain beautiful. 
Here are a few pieces with a mystical and/or healing character.
You will notice that it is all made with Sterling Silver.
Silver has always been associated with women.
It is sacred to the Moon Goddess, the protector of women.

Amber brings romantic love.  It is also supposed to help you recall past lives & find the
wisdom from those live to add to the present.
  This is a beautiful piece of Russian amber.  The pendant is carved into the shape of a heart,
another symbol of romance. 
Sterling Silver holds it snugly for the bail that
attaches it to the  Sterling Silver chain.
#JNKAM $20

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