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We are sorry but our Order Form is down.
We are working on a new system using a shopping cart but it will be a while before it is up & running.
We are asking you to click on this
An e-mail message window will open.
Put “CVT ORDER” in the subject line and your order in the body of the message.

Please list your items by quantity wanted, item number, short description, size & color if relevant and price.
Shipping charges are listed below. You can total your
order or wait for our confirmation of your order.
We will email you with confirmation of the order & of any out of stock items plus the total. You can then send us a check by snailmail or use your credit card with the PayPal information we will include.

Shipping & handling for any size order is $4.50
Tennessee residents must pay 8.75% sales tax.
Possible additional charges are in box to the right.

Costs in ADDITION to S/H

Canadian Orders add $5.00

UPS Orders add $3.00

COD Orders add $4.25
(COD on orders over $25 only)

Gift Wrapping add $2.50 per gift to be wrapped.

Thank you for your patience.

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